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Christianson Law

David L. Christianson
Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Christianson Law

David L. Christianson
Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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Disability and work injuries can be stressful in many ways. It can leave a feeling of uncertainity about the future. Compassionate and professional guidance from an experienced attorney can add much-needed clarity in such uneasy times.
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We here at Christianson Law know how much the stress of worry can affect injured and disabled workers. Attorney David L. Christianson and our staff provide caring and dedicated legal help to our clients. We provide Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation representation to clients throughout the state of Minnesota.

An Attorney With The Experience Needed To Give You High-Quality Help

Attorney Christianson has been practicing law for over 30 years. He started as an attorney in 1983. Very early in his legal career, he held positions involving workers’ compensation and SSD matters; he has been immersed in these two areas of law for a substantial period of time.

Attorney Christianson provides extensive guidance and strong support to clients who are going through the process of trying to obtain SSD benefits or workers’ compensation benefits. He understands the complexities of the processes in both of these areas of law. He also understands how these two areas of law can interact. He can help address not only the unique legal needs of SSD and workers’ compensation clients, but also the needs of clients who are simultaneously seeking both SSD and workers’ compensation benefits.

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There are no upfront fees for our services. In most cases, we only collect fees if we win benefits for our clients.

We offer no-cost initial consultations to discuss workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability matters. To set up a consultation, contact us online or call 612-913-4006.

Our Minneapolis, Minnesota, office is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We make home visits on appointment. Off-hours meetings are available when needed.

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