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Christianson Law

David L. Christianson
Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Christianson Law

David L. Christianson
Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Experienced Representation in Social Security Disability and Worker’s Compensation

We Provide Experienced And Caring Legal Support To Clients In Social Security Disability And Workers’ Compensation Matters

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A Work Injury Or Disability Could Entitle You To Benefits

There are benefits programs aimed at helping hurt and disabled workers. Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation are two such programs. Many factors impact whether a given worker would qualify for either of these.

Our firm, Christianson Law, helps individuals understand what options they might have under the complex rules of Social Security Disability law and workers’ comp law. We represent clients in a wide range of SSD and workers’ compensation matters. From our Minneapolis office, we serve clients throughout all of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

Fighting To Get Injured And Disabled Workers The Benefits They Deserve

When a disability has taken you out of the workforce or you have suffered a work injury, you need the guidance of a caring and experienced lawyer. Such guidance can be vital in the fight for benefits. Our firm treats all of our clients with respect and compassion and recognizes their unique legal needs. We also have the experience, resources and skills necessary to be a strong client advocate.

We take cases involving:

  • Social Security Disability: We assist Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income applicants with filing for disability benefits, gathering records related to their disability and appealing denied claims.
  • Workers’ compensation: We help individuals who were injured at work understand their workers’ comp rights, navigate dealings with insurance companies and fight unfair claim denials.
  • SSD and workers’ compensation claim interplay: We help individuals who have both an SSD claim and a workers’ compensation claim understand how their claims could affect one another. We also can help address the various legal issues the interplay of these two types of claims can raise.

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